WEST HAVEN SPEEDWAY OR SAVIN ROCK was closed in 1967.  It began in 1935 with Midget Racing with drivers such as Wild Bill Schindler, Georgie and Johnny Rice and Johnny Kay among others.

In 1946 Harvery Tattersall began the Stock Cars and the UNITIED STOCK CAR RACING CLUB with drivers such as Bobby Rich and Frank Belbusti. Around 1950-1951 a new generation of drivers started winning including Bobby Black, Billy Boston and Johnny Porto along with drivers that were to become legends such as Tony Mordino, Wild Bill Greco, Johnny "King" Cambino, Tony "Jap" Membrino and Danny Galullo.  After they moved on another generation came about which included Tommy Sutcliffe, Red O'Keefe, Charlie Centinaro and Lou Carangelo.

Below you will find photos of some of the drivers which graced the asphalt of the West Haven Speedway over the years.


                               Charlie Centinaro       Danny Galullo         Danny Gaudiosi        Jimmy Cash       Johnny Montesanto


                                 Jap Membrino           Bobby Rich           George Rezatek          Billy Greco           Tommy Sutcliff


                                  Johnny Lane            Red O'Keefe          Johnny Cambino        Pete Brockett          Tony Mordino


                                 Patrick Moon          John Palmer              Joe Higgins          Tommy Mactino         Harry Black


                              Frank Belbusti             Billy Boston              Lou Miami               Bobby Black              Butch Hines

Johnny Ward

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